Whiteboard Video Tutorials - Equations & Graphing


Below are several videos that walk you through through some of the math features of the Whiteboard, from writing out simple equations, to graphing complex functions. Watch them in order, or skip around. Let us know if you have any questions not covered by these!

Text and Equations

In this video we introduce you to our text tool, our equation tool, and discuss the differences between the two.

Equation Tool Part One

Here's a quick overview of some of the basic functions that the equation tool is capable of expressing.

Equation Tool Part Two

This video continues our exploration of the equation tool, describing its more complex math functions as well as the shortcuts that make writing expressions even faster.


Parentheses-- the P in PEMDAS, the ultimate arbiter of order of operations. This video shows how we try to make working with parentheses as easy as possible.

Character Maps

Wondering how to include Greek letters like π in your equations? Look no further! Character maps allow you to incorporate a host of symbols into the equation tool-- through buttons and through keyboard shortcuts.


This video introduces you to our graphing tool and its connection to the equation tool.

Plotting Points

Learn how to plot a variety of points on a graph in this video.

Advanced Calculations

This video discusses defining and referencing variables and functions with the equation tool.