Version update February 21, 2011!

It's been a busy few weeks, and I'm thrilled to introduce our next large version update. By far the most significant change is our massive overhaul to the Whiteboard interface, a project that has been in the works for many months. We've also improved the Quickbooks Export page and introduced some new options for canceling sessions. Read about it all here!

New Cancellation Options

By popular demand, we've added a way to cancel sessions before they occur. Go to the session details page for a session, and you'll see a new option at the bottom to cancel the session:


Note that when you go to review, you now have a new option: "[student] cancelled on time," in addition to the existing options (late cancellation, no show, no problem-- see this video on reviewing sessions). On time cancellations default to a price of zero:


Improved Quickbooks Export

Another popular request-- we've made it even easier to select sessions and export them to Quickbooks. If you have quickbooks export enabled, head over to "Billing" / "Quickbooks Export." You can now specify a date range:


When you click "export," you'll also now see a list of all the sessions that are about to exported, including what their "invoice id" will be. If you change the "starting invoice number" or select to "export all" entries, the list will automatically update to reflect the change:


Whiteboard Overhaul

We're thrilled to introduce Whiteboard V2. This massive overhaul includes:

  • audio & video chat, courtesy of our friends at TokBox
  • realtime transformations
  • page zoom-in and zoom-out
  • document thumbnails
  • rotation & resizing
  • much, much more.

You really need to try it-- it's an entirely new piece of software, building on the best of the features of the old Whiteboard. To read more, check out our documentation on one of these pages:

New "Whiteboard" Tab

We've added a tab to the admin site for full admins! Look for the Whiteboard tab:


The "usage" panel gives you a quick snapshot of all of the online tutoring that took place (any session in which there was overlap on the Whiteboard between the tutor and student). The green bars visually show when each user was in the Whiteboard. Mouse over a bar to see the exact entrance & exit time:


File & Image libraries

Do you have a practice test you use all the time? Stock images that you'd like to have in every session? Now you can do that, with the file & image libraries. Every file or image uploaded to a session will appear on these tabs. You can make them publicly accessible (still available only to your tutors and clients!), and the files & images will now appear when you use the search bar in the Whiteboard.


See making files & images available in your public library for more details on how to use these tabs!

Assorted small fixes and improvements

As always, we're constantly responding to small requests for fixes or improvements. Among the small changes this time:

  • changed the calendar headings to be more intuitive in day & month view
  • fixed a bug when scheduling sessions on the 30th or 31st of january
  • fixed a bug that would give an unecessary warning when deleting a tutor
  • made it so that clicking in the "all day" zone on the calendar defaults to the "note" tab
  • added automatic formatting for telephone numbers, no matter how they're entered
  • many more...

Keep the suggestions and bug reports coming!

-The Tutor Trove team