Kicking off 2011!

In conjunction with the coming of 2011, we just launched a set of substantial updates to our software. While many of the changes were invisible, they will pave the way for a very exciting year of updates. In particular, we finished the transition to our full collocated architecture, which will keep the site snappy as grow, and buttress it against unexpected downtime. But not of all of our work is invisible! We've also added a few new features and options:

Additional e-mail settings

You now have some additional flexibility over which e-mails you would like to be BCC'd on. Check them out by logging into the admin panel and clicking "Settings." The email settings are on the right:


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New Tutor Options

Building on the positive feedback we've gotten about the changes we made before, to allow tutors to see information about their students, we added some new options. You can allow your tutors to search through all of your clients (instead of just their paired students). You can also decide whether to let your tutors view and send messages to other tutors. Set the permissions from "Settings," just below the e-mail settings:


In addition, we've added links to other students and tutors on other parts of the site to give tutors the same ease of navigation that admins have.

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Deeper searching of users

This one was tough, but we think you'll love it! From your "Users" page, the search box now lets you search through all of the fields for your users-- address, phone numbers, even custom fields that we added for you!
On the "Tutors" tab, you can search through name and email, as before, but now you can also search through their tutoring profile (about, education, experience, subjects, etc.):


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Flexible user export

Your data is your data, and we're proving that once again by offering a way to flexible way to export your entire list of users as a structured excel document. You have options to decide which fields to include in the export and which user types. You can also export only your active or inactive users. Head over to "Users" and then "Export Users" to give it a whirl:


The result will be a beautiful, sortable, local copy of all of your user data:


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