Fall Improvements Part 2

Thank you for all of your suggestions and requests! We've managed to incorporate many of them. We've added some cool features, especially for making the site more useful for your clients and tutors.

Client Calendars

Your clients now have a calendar! It's a read-only calendar, with each event linking to the page describing the event.
Finalized sessions, with a review visible, are dark blue, while sessions that were scheduled but haven't been reviewed are light blue. The little repeat-icon in the corner gives a nice visual cue. Note that finalized sessions never show up as repeating, since each has its own notes and details.




We've added in messaging! Enable or disable it from your administrative Settings page. You'll see little envelope and "send message" links appear all over the site, allowing you to direct message your tutors and students, and for them to send messages to each other. Read this FAQ article for more:

About Messaging

Family Overhaul

We rearranged the "Family Page" that admins see for each of their students, to add a lot of new information. You can now see past and recent events, all of the phone numbers at a glance, and more information about pricing information for the family. You also have access to the family calendar (see point 1)


Note that we've also added some new fields for your users:

  • birthday
  • notes
  • gender

and that you can add a new status to your users: pending.

Session history for a specific student

A long-standing request, you can now see an entire session history for a specific student (including upcoming sessions), all in one convenient thread. Note: billing/pricing information isn't included in this view-- you need to go to the "Finalized Sessions" page and use the search bar to get stats on that fun stuff.

Go to the family page, and look for the link "View all of _____'s Events on the right:


Clicking will bring you to a searchable, filterable list of sessions, starting with future events and working backward. Note, repeating events just show the first instance with a repeat icon.


Client search for tutors!

Why do only admins get to have all of the fun? We've added the long requested ability for tutors to access information about their students.

Note 1:

You have full control over what information your tutors can and can't see. Go to your "settings" page and decide whether tutors can view contact info for their students and whether they can see full session histories for their students:


Note 2:

You also have flexibility over which students are available to a tutor. If you set a tutor to be "visible to all," that's reciprocal and the tutor will have access to information on any of the students. If you set the tutor to be "visible only to assigned students," you can set which students from the student's page or the tutor's page:



Alright, all of that out of the way, tutors now get a search box on their dashboard:


The search gives them access to send messages to other tutors, to admins, or students, and also gives them access to the informational page about their students:


This all read-only, of course!

Assorted Improvements & Bug fixes

You'll notice a number of other, smaller changes around the site-- small bug fixes, additional, easier-to-access information, new graphics. Nothing crazy, just our responses to your suggestions and our own ideas on how to make your life better! Keep the suggestions coming!