Fall Tweaks Part 1, September 14, 2010

Following the massive site overhaul a couple weeks ago, this update should be a nice fall breeze. We've fixed a few remaining bugs, added a few nice features, and improved some of the User Interface.

Private Notes

This release heralds the return of the "Private Notes" field when scheduling a session.

Look for the "add private notes" button:


Click it and enter a note that's visible only to the tutor and administrators:


This note will then be visible on the Session Details page, on the timesheet, on all of the Admin Session pages, and, for "Notes", on the calendar.

Inline Reviews

You can now see your reviews inline, instead of that pesky popup!


All of the notes are concattenated, but they can be expanded individually ([more]) or collectively [+ expand all]:


This new feature is available on the "Timesheet", the "Bulk Finalize page" and the "Finalized Sessions" page. Notice also the new "edit session review" link, for quick access to make changes to a review.

New "Review Session" Form

We know that inputting session reviews is a tedious task, so we've done what we can to make it a little better, a little more streamlined, and a little more clear:


You can also easily go back and edit your review:


Revised Dropdown List of Tutors

You know that dropdown that appears all over the site for quickly switching between tutors? We know that you use it all the time, and we heard you that this feature could be streamlined. Now "- you -" are always at the top, followed by a list of Tutors and then a list of Admin Staff. How do we distinguish between "Tutors" and "Admin Staff"? You do! Using the Multi-tutor calendar settings:


The dropdown will take these settings and populate accordingly:


Revised "Edit Profile" Page.

We've still got all of the same fields (plus we added back "Subjects"!), and the same draggable / resizable profile photos, but now it's all on one easy-to-navigate page:


And, we fixed the bug that prevented admins from editing the profiles of other tutors. To edit a tutor's profile, visit his/her account page, and either click the pencil next to "Tutoring Profile" or the "Edit Profile" link on the right:


Pay & Price bracket naming & renaming

Some of you noticed that you could no longer rename price & pay brackets. That's no good! But rather than just fix it, we decided to make the interface for creating and editing price brackets match the look around the site:

To edit the name of a pay/price bracket, go to the bracket and click the pencil icon next to the name of the bracket:


And you'll get a familiar looking popup:


You can create a new bracket with either the button or the link at the top, and can still delete brackets with the button on the right.

Assorted Bug Fixes

This release also fixes a number of small bugs, particularly with the editing of repeating sessions using the drag-and-drop features on the calendar. Thank you to everyone who noticed glitches and sent in reports!