Navigating the Whiteboard


The Whiteboard has a vast array of tools at your disposal. The diagram below provides a map of the various features:


Below are expanded explanations of each section of the Board.

Board Title

Every time you create a Whiteboard, you can name it. When you schedule a session, then the Board is named according to the service linked to the session.

Main Toolbar

The Main Toolbar contains the most frequently used tools on the Board.


The Main Toolbar is your virtual command center for operating the board. Each button will empower you with a different way to make the most of your Board. Let's take a look at the different categories of buttons:

Text Mode

By pressing the A icon, you switch into Text Mode. This mode allows you to turn the Board into a basic word processor. Double click anywhere on the Board to begin writing.

Equation Mode

By pressing the f(x) icon, you switch into Equation Mode. The Equation Mode is one of the most potent features of the Board.

Arrow Mode

Pressing the Arrow icon takes you into Arrow Mode, which allows you to select objects on the board.

Laser Pointer Mode

Pressing the button with the single dot takes you into Laser Pointer mode. In this mode, you can click and hold on the board to display a floating dot of color. The default color is red, but you can change the color by selecting the Color button that will appear above the A Text Mode icon.


You can use the Laser Pointer Mode to highlight parts of the board for other users, either locally or remotely. Just like a real laser pointer, it's a good way to make sure everyone's looking at the same thing.


With the Grapher tool, you can create beautiful, instantaneous graphs of the equations you create in Equation Mode.

Drawing Tools


This tool allows you to take screen shots of your work on the Whiteboard. Click and drag to determine the size and scope of your image.

Character Maps

Secondary Toolbar

The Secondary Toolbar

Select All







Move Up a Layer

Move Down a Layer

Move To Top

Move to Bottom

Group Shapes

Un-Group Shapes

Files & Images Library

Chat Box

Page Up/Down

Auxiliary Tabs