Scheduling Sessions


To schedule a session, there are three routes one can take.

1) After logging into your account, click on Dashboard. Below Dashboard click on Schedule a Session. A window will pop up where you input the necessary information for scheduling a student. Click Submit.

2) Click on Dashboard. Click on Multitutor Calendar. Click on your desired time slot, complete the required information in the pop up window, and click Submit.

3) Click on Sessions. Click on Schedule a Session. Complete the required information in the pop up window and click Submit.

No matter the route, the destination is the same: the pop-up window. It will look like this:


In the window, select the tutor you want. Then, select the student that will be matched with the tutor. If you want to schedule more than one student with the tutor, click add another student.

To add any personal reminders about the upcoming session, click on add private notes.

Select the time for the session using the arrows next to each field.

Select the date for the session. Click on the calendar icon next to the Date field to assist you.

To alert students about the material being covered in the scheduled session, fill out the Description field.

Under Service Type, use the arrows to select the topic for the next session.

For Location, use the arrows to select where the session will occur.

To note how long the session will be, use the arrows under Duration.

Under Repeat, use the arrows to indicate if and how long the particular session will be repeated.

When you have completed these fields to your satisfaction, then click Submit.