Tutoring Services


Tutoring Services can refer to any type of direct service that you or your tutors provide to clients.

For Example:

  • standardized test prep
  • subject tutoring
  • college essay editing.

Creating a New Tutoring Service

(1) Click on the "Services & Locations" tab

(2) Select the "Tutoring Services" sub-tab

(3) Add a new tutoring service by clicking on the "New Tutoring Service" icon.


This will take you to the "New Tutoring Service" page. Here,

(1) Enter the name of your service


(2) Select a Review Template from the drop-down menu (Note: If you have not created any Review Templates yet, the system will automatically select the "default template." For more information on creating Review Templates, visit the Review Templates article).

(3) After you enter in the name of your new service, click "Create Service," and your new Tutoring Service will be added to the database.


Editing a Tutoring Service

(1) Click on "Services & Locations"

(2) Then, click on "Tutoring Services" once again.

(3) On this screen, find the name of the Tutoring Service you want to edit, then click on the pencil icon.


Once on the "Edit Service..." screen, you can

(1) Edit the name of your Tutoring Service

(2) Change the Assigned Review Template

(3) "Submit Changes" to save everything in the system Note: all past instances of the service will be modified when you make this change


With your Tutoring Services in your system, you've taken care of another preliminary step towards getting the most out of your Tutor Trove site.