The Locations are the various venues where you conduct your tutoring. Adding new Locations will allow you to schedule sessions through your Tutor Trove site.

For Example:

  • In-home
  • Central office
  • Online

Entering a new Location

(1) Click on the "Services & Locations" tab

(2) Select the "Locations" sub-tab

(3) Add a new location by clicking on the "New Location" icon.


This will take you to the "New Location" page. Here,

(1) Enter the name of your Location

(2) If the location is online, check off the box next to "Is Online"

(3) If you'd like, add a more specific description of the Location


(4) Finally, press "Create Location" to add it to the list.


Editing your Locations

(1) Click on "Services & Locations"

(2) Then, click on "Locations" once again.

(3) On this screen, find the name of the Location you want to edit, then click on the pencil icon.


Once on the "Edit Location..." screen, you can

(1) Edit the name of your Location

(2) Designate that it's online or not

(3) Update the description

(4) "Submit Changes" to save everything in the system Note: All past instances of this location will be modified when you make this change.


With your Locations in your system, you've taken care of another crucial step towards getting the most out of your Tutor Trove site.