Client Services


Client Services are another tool in your scheduling / tracking arsenal. Use client services to track and charge for services you offer to your clients which don't directly involve a tutor.

For example:

  • practice tests
  • review materials
  • use of a study space

Creating a new Client Service

(1) Click on the "Services & Locations" tab

(2) Select the "Client Services" sub-tab

(3) Add a new client service by clicking on the "New Client Service" icon.


This will take you to the "New Client Service" page. Here,

(1) Enter the name of your service


(2) Ignore the "review template" field -- this only applies to tutoring sessions.

(3) Click "Create Service," -- this service is ready to be scheduled!


Editing a Client Service

(1) Click on "Services & Locations"

(2) Then, click on "Client Services" once again.

(3) On this screen, find the name of the Client Service you want to edit, then click on the pencil icon.


Once on the "Edit Service..." screen, you can

(1) Edit the name of your Client Service and,

(2) Click "Submit Changes" to save the modified service. Note: all past instances of the service will be modified when you make this change