Braintree Card Validation Rules

We recommend that you set a few rules governing validation of credit cards through the Braintree control panel. These rules will ensure that the security code (CVV) and zip code (Address Verification or AVS) are entered correctly when adding a credit card, which help with security, and also may lower your processing fee.

Here's how to set our recommended rules.

Step 1: Log into your account at

Step 2: Click "Processing," up at the top

Step 3: Under "AVS", click "Add / Edit" and check the first three box, as shown below:

Step 4: Click "Save" and then click "Processing" to return to the previous page.

Step 5: Under "CVV" click "Add / Edit" and check the first three checkboxes, as shown below: Screen_shot_2010-05-18_at_7.09.35_PM.png

Step 6: Click "Save" and you're done!