Review Templates


Review Templates are your canvas for specifying which data you want to collect from your tutors when they review a session.

Creating a New Review Template

(1) Click on the "Services & Locations" tab

(2) Select the "Review Templates" sub-tab

(3) Add a new tutoring service by clicking on the "New Review Template" icon.


This will launch a pop-up box labeled "Create Template."

(1) Enter the name of your new template

(2) Click "Create Template" to move onto the next screen.


Now, you will see a screen that will allow you to add new fields to your template. Each field is essentially a question or prompt for the tutor to respond to when reviewing a session. Click on the "New Field" icon to begin customizing your template.


This will bring you to the "Create New Field" page.

(1) To begin, enter the name of your field. Most field names are either questions or prompts.

Examples of effective Field Names would be:

  • "Did the student...?"
  • "Notes about the session"
  • "Materials Used"

(2) Next, enter in an optional description of the field. These descriptions are more specific explanations of what you're looking for.

For example:

  • "Describe benchmarks that the student successfully reached."
  • "What were the takeaways from the session?"
  • "Which materials did you use for the session?"

(3) Change the Field Type. You can either designate the field as a single line of text or a larger block, depending on how long you want your answers to be.

(4) Indicate whether or not the field is required. If you check this box, the tutor will have to write something in this field in order to successfully review the session. If you leave this box empty, the tutor can skip this field.

(5) Change the permissions. Depending on which boxes you check off, this Field will be visible to other tutors, parents, and/or students after the tutor reviews it. By default, every field is automatically visible to all admins.


(6) Submit your changes to save this field in your template!


After you've successfully added your new field to this template, you'll return to the template page. Create as many more fields as you want for this template.


Editing a Review Template

(1) Click on "Services & Locations"

(2) Then, click on "Review Templates" once again.

(3) On this screen, find the name of the Review Template you want to edit, then click on the pencil icon.


This will take you back to the template's edit page, where you can

(1) Add new Fields, and (2) Edit or delete existing ones.


Assigning Review Templates to Tutoring Services

Now that you've created your brand new Review Templates, you can put them to work for you.