The Basics for Tutors


You've just received an email invitation to create an account through Tutor Trove - Welcome! Read on below to orient yourself to the basic layout of your site.

Creating a Password

Click on your invite link to access a a page where you'll create a password for your new Tutor Trove account. Your username will always be your email address. For all future log-ins, just go to the main url of your Tutor Trove site and enter in your email address and password to reenter your dashboard.

Ok, you're in - now let's schedule a session and create a Whiteboard

Once you've logged in, you'll see your Dashboard, where you can easily see all of the most current information about your recent and upcoming sessions. To create a new Whiteboard from here, you have to first schedule a session. There are two ways to do that:

1) Click on the "Schedule a session" link right on the Dashboard.


This will cause a "New Tutoring Session" window will pop up.


Fill in the relevant information for the session, choose the appropriate student, and press submit.

2) Click on the Calendar button on the main menu bar (next to "Dashboard").


This will bring you to your personal calendar page.


Click on the date and time you want to tutor (in this case, Friday at 5 pm is highlighted), and the same "New Tutoring Window" will pop up. Fill out all of the information and press submit, and then you'll see the session appear right on the calendar.

Accessing your freshly minted Whiteboard

Once you've created a new session, you will see the session appear under your "Time Sheet" tab on the Dashboard.


Click on the name of the session to go to the Session Details page, where you'll see a green "Launch whiteboard" button.


Click on that button to access the new Whiteboard you've created!

The link that will give your student access to the Whiteboard is also on the session details page. It will be called "[Your Student's Name]'s Permalink" - just click on that button and copy the link that appears. Paste it in an email to your student, and then he or she'll be able to log in himself.

Repeat this process for any future online sessions with any student. You can create as many unique Whiteboards as you want.

You can go back and review old Whiteboards at any time by logging back into your Tutor Trove site and browsing through your Time Sheets.

Email if you have any more questions. Happy Tutoring!