Installing Tutor Trove on a subdomain of your website

By default, every client gets a subdomain of Tutor Trove ( Premium level customers have the option of improving upon that, and "hosting" the site on a subdomain of theirs (, for example). Don't worry-- we're still running the site, pushing out updates, and handling storage and bandwidth. Only the URL is different.

Setup is tricky, and requires some work on our end. But you need to complete a few steps first, in particular adding a CNAME pointer to your site through your domain registrar. Your domain registrar is probably whoever you bought your domain from initially (,,, etc.), and the instructions for each vary slightly, but the general gist is the same:

  • Log into your registrar's control panel for your domain
  • Find a page that says something like "Custom DNS settings" or "Configure DNS"
  • Create a new DNS record.
    • for "name" enter the subdomain you'd like (for example "member" or "online" .
    • for "type" choose "CNAME"
    • for "value" enter "" (the "." at the end is intentional!)
  • Save the new record, and wait. It can happen as quickly as a few minutes or take as long as a couple days for the new record to propagate.

Here's a sample of what the Custom DNS page looks like (this is


You'll know that the process worked by navigating to the subdomain you set up (i.e. It should either show you your site (if we've completed the steps on our side), or redirect you to a login page for Tutor Trove (if we haven't).

That's it!